Poems About Life and Love
A Treasure Trove of Short Poems About Life and Love

The short poems about life and love below have touched the hearts of countless thousands of caring readers around the globe. As you read each poem, take your time. Don't just rush through the several short poems presented here. Stop and take a deep breath after each poem to let the beautiful tapestry of words about life and love etch themselves into your soul. May these short poems help you open to ever more love and richness in all aspects of your life.

Note: This page contains poems about life and love by Fred Burks. If you'd like to read several of the most rich and inspiring poems about life ever published by a variety of poets, click here.

Short Poems About Life and Love

Hidden Mystery

In the deepest depths of you and me
In the deepest depths of we
Lies the most beautiful jewel
Shining forth eternally

Within that precious jewel
Within that priceless piece of we
Lies a time beyond all time
Lies a place beyond all space

Within that sacred source of radiance
Lies a love beyond all love
Ever so patiently

Waiting for you, waiting for me
Waiting patiently for all to see
The beauty that is you inside of me
The beauty that is me inside of thee

In the deepest depths of you and me
In the deepest depths of we
Lies the love and wisdom
Of all Eternity

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Bright sun
Bursting forth
Into the dawn
Of a brand new day

Golden rays
Streak the sky
Blanketing the land
With newfound warmth

Manifold lifeforms
Arise from slumber
To infinite possibilities
Of this grand awakening

Infinite choice
Presented to all
With the dawn
Of this new day

Choose we
To let past wounds
And future fears
Determine our way?

Or choose we
To stir and awaken
The limitless glories
Within and around us?

Let us choose now
To transcend the shadows
And dance with the rays
Of the newborn sun

Genesis Revisited

In the beginning was We

We created me
And you and you and all of you

To ask
Who am I?
Who are you?

To sometimes forget
And then to remember
To ask
Who are we?

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Souls Merging and Diverging

Two souls meet
For the very first time.
The world around them
Fades to nothingness.

Two penetrating eyes
Pierce each other's depths.
Seeing the divine reflection
They surrender into timelessness.

Two beating hearts
Dance in sacred union
Opening to the mystery
To fathom the unfathomable.

Consciousness merges
As the two journey
Into an ancient oneness
Known, yet forever unknown.

Desire grows
Igniting boundless passion
As two aspects of infinity
Become the deeper unity.

The universe disappears
For a moment beyond time
Leaving only eternal bliss
Ever pulsing into perfection.

The two become One
Lost in space
Forgetting all
Yet remembering All.

Eternity unfolds
Boundless passion satiated
An inner urge arises
For something even more.

So the One gladly chooses
To return to two,
To me and to you
And to you and you and you.

Ever seeking
To know the unknown,
The One divides itself
Into man and woman.

Ever seeking
To know the unknown,
The One fragments itself
Into all of us.

Two souls merged
For the very first time
Ever enriched for the union
Yet forever grateful.

For this divine individuation
Frees them to be
Apart yet together
For all eternity.

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Mirrors of God

I long to feel again
The majesty, the mystery, the unity
Of you, of me, and of we

Transcending all duality
I long to know the you that is me
Within the greater We

I long to taste this sacred trinity
Without all the filters
Of bias I've built in me

Releasing the fears that bind me
I trust that our hearts will sing
In ever greater harmony

Let us reflect ever more purely
The love dancing in our eyes
Ever so invitingly

Together we can be free
To soar into the depths
Of all eternity

For in the end you and me and we
Are the mirrors of God
Gazing into infinity

Embracing All

Light that lies deep inside of me
Come forth in all thy majesty
Show me thy gaze
Teach me thy ways
That I a better person may be

Darkness that lies deep inside of me
Come forth in all thy mystery
Show me thy gaze
Teach me thy ways
That I a better person may be

Love that lies deep inside of me
Come forth in all thy unity
Let me be thy gaze
Let me teach thy ways
That I a better person may be

Dear friends,

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I wrote all of the above short poems, though I cannot claim to be the originator of the final one. The first two stanzas of "Embracing All" were recited to me by a wise, wonderful woman in a very powerful dream in my early 20s. The words sank profoundly into my soul — so much so that when I awoke, I found myself moved to share this inspiring poem with others. Many years later, the third stanza came to me while contemplating the interconnectedness of all life.

For profound translations I made of the first two chapters of "The Way of the Wise" (Tao Te Ching), click here. For an inspiring essay I wrote titled "Spiritual Eyes," click here. May these short poems about life touch and inspire you as they have me. Feel free to share them. And for a heart and mind expanding online course offered free on the Internet that I helped to design, click here. This course has drawn rave reviews from many who have completed it. Take care and have a wonderful day!

With abundant love and warm wishes,
Fred Burks for the Web of Love and PEERS

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