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Amazing Videos
And an Appeal for Support

Dear friends,

PEERS has now put 15 of the most amazing and inspiring video clips we've seen together in one place. Watch any one of these amazing videos, and you will see a list of the other videos in the left column of the page. All of these clips are 15 minutes or less in length, yet they are almost guaranteed to leave a smile on your face. You might start with the beautiful "I Choose Love" song and video available here. The "Softball Miracle" video is also wonderfully moving. Explore the other videos available there, and you may be thankful for the rich inspiration.

PEERS would also like to appeal to you for any generosity you can muster in these challenging times. Even though we have cut our expenses nearly in half – from $21,000 at this time last year to $12,000 this year – donations have dropped from $18,000 to $6,000 over the same time period. As a result, PEERS is $6,000 in the red for this year.

We fully understand that many of you are also facing economic difficulties, yet we ask you to consider if our work is worth the price of a movie or a good book to you. Even a small donation makes a difference and shows that you care. To financially support the mission of PEERS and our inspiring websites by online credit card donation, or by check, money order, or other means, please visit

There is another significant way you can support us that involves no financial cost and only takes a few minutes of your time. Thanks to our Internet wiz Andrey, we now have icons at the bottom of every page of our websites with direct links to many major Internet bookmarking websites like, reddit, and StumbleUpon. When one of these major websites links to one of our webpages, it not only brings more visits from those websites, it increases our ranking in search engines, which can bring in even more visitors. Any time you read a page you like, you can go to the bottom and add your support through the icons there. Please contact us if you have questions about this or need help signing up.

Our Internet wiz Andrey has done an amazing job of putting together a beautiful community networking portal for all who have finished either of our free online courses, the Insight Course and the Transformation Course. Anyone can take a look at the great articles and information posted on the networking portal at this link. Yet to see all of the amazing capabilities of this portal and to be able to post and interact with others there, you must first complete one of the courses. We hope at some point to build an open portal similar to this for our other websites as well. Your financial contributions can help to make this happen.

We are also setting up a section for any who are good writers with inspiring stories to be able to post to If you are interested in being one of our writers or have suggestions about this, please contact us. It may be a couple months before we get this up and running. You might also enjoy the brand new, beautiful new look on our Web of Love website, which you can see at Thanks again to Andrey for his amazing help with this.

Thank you so much for your interest in exploring and spreading love and inspiration, and for supporting us in whatever way you do. Thanks to you and all of us, our websites continue to be highly successful in spreading love, transformation, and more around the world. What exciting times we live in! Take care and have a beautiful day and month ahead.

With heartfelt love and best wishes,
Fred Burks for the inspiring and educational PEERS websites

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