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Community Guidelines For Readers Forum

As a loving community dedicated to being the change we want to see in our world, we find it important to uphold certain basic common values and intentions.
We ask that all community members do our very best to embrace these in interacting with other members. Though recognizing that at times we may falter, we commit to do our best to live and breathe these values and intentions in each moment of our lives.

  • We treat every person we meet with honesty, integrity, and respect.
  • We support each individual and group in being the very best they can be.
  • We promote and radiate love and empowerment in all aspects of our lives.
  • We acknowledge that ultimately we are responsible for every action we take.
  • We intend to move beyond negative judgment and separation to focus on acceptance and greater connection for ourselves, and for all around us.
  • While honoring and celebrating our differences and each individual's uniqueness, we choose to focus on ways we can come together and unite our energies in service of all humanity.

All of us at times will fall short in this. We ask only that you do your best, and when you fall short, be willing to do what it takes to come back into alignment with these values.

Though we come together to share love and inspiration, conflict is a natural part of any community. We occasionally have disagreements arise the portal. How we deal with these disagreements both individually and collectively can make a huge difference in the development of our community.

We actually welcome disagreements and other expressions of our individual and collective shadow, as long these are based in love, respect, and a desire to always come back to our core values and intentions. We will naturally disagree on some things, yet it is when we can disagree while still feeling honor, support, and respect with each other that powerful opportunities for growth and transformation arise.

Flagging. For the rare times when conflict arises that becomes divisive, blaming, or otherwise disempowering, we use a flagging system on our portal. At the bottom of every post and comment, you will find a "Flag" link. If you come across a post or a comment which is clearly not in alignment with our values, you can flag it. Here are some reasons you might flag a post:

  • Vulgar language used in a disempowering way.
  • Attacking behavior: Offensive or degrading words directed at another.
  • Clearly divisive: Polarizing comments which divide people on an issue.
  • Spam: Inappropriate advertising or solicitation.
  • Inappropriate sexuality: Disempowering or overly explicit sexuality.

Once a post or comment is flagged, a notification is automatically sent to the administrators of the forum for review. When a post gets flagged, it will be considered for removal. If a post or comment clearly is not in alignment with our community values, please don't hesitate to flag. In this way, those who slip from our agreed upon values will be given reminders from other members.

If a member is consistently flagged or clearly violates these forum guidelines in an egregious way, they may be removed from the forum. Though we hope this doesn't happen, it is important to have guidelines like this in place to maintain the commitment to loving integrity on our portal.

That said, before flagging the post or comment of someone who is not following our community values, we invite you first to simply post a comment gently inviting the writer to remember our shared agreement to do our best to come from a place of love, support, and empowerment. At times we all need to be reminded of this, and often that is all it takes to come back into harmony. Please do your best to be compassionate and supportive when giving these reminders.

When we agree as a community to work together to remind each other of our deepest intentions, we can move through any conflict in a way that invites all involved to continually be the change.

Stars. For posts which are particularly powerful or inspiring, we also have a rating system using five stars. As we have lots of wonderful posts all the time, this helps the best, most inspiring or moving pieces to rise to the top so that others can easily find them. If you want to easily find some of our best material after registering, click the "Top Stuff" tab on your home page for a listing of all top rated posts.

To join in the conversation and connect with other readers and supporters of PEERS, simply click on the "Create new account" link near the top of the left column of this or any page of the forum. A "Readers Forum" link has also been added near the top of the left column on all webpages of several of our websites. Thanks for being who you are and for your intention to love, support, and spread inspiration and information to all in our community. Our sacred love goes with you always!