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Dream: From Paranoia to Enlightenment

I share here with you an amazingly powerful dream I had back on February 22, 2001 at 2 AM while on an interpreting assignment in Albuquerque, New Mexico. What a profound lesson in shifting from paranoia to uninhibited love!

I am outside of the hospital where I work, near the side entrance by the street. Rather suddenly, everyone down the street aways starts smiling and laughing. Some even fall to the ground, rolling in fits of laughter. This wave of laughter appears to be gradually overtaking everyone in its path as it moves up the street towards me. I faintly smell something in the air and think this might be some sort of massive laughing gas attack against the public.

I quickly slip back inside the hospital and tell a couple nurses what is happening. They open the door and confirm that they smell something kind of sweet in the air. A short moment later, they too begin smiling, and then laughing uncontrollably. The laughter is very warm and sweet, yet the fact that it is all caused by some chemical agent alarms me. I dash further into the building to escape the gas.

As I reach the inner hallways of the hospital, I see blockades with flashing lights. I hear laughter sweeping down the halls rapidly towards me, so I quickly pull a thin, blond guy within my reach into a small side room and slam the door to try to shut out the gas. With a great sense of urgency, I explain to him what is happening outside.

It seems only a short matter of time before the gas will seep under the door and effect us, too, so I quickly ask him to join me in prayer. We both pray deeply and sincerely for what's best for all in this situation.

Just a moment after the prayer, the guy turns into Dan, a chubby friend of mine who has problems with depression. He suddenly jumps on me and starts sucking on my chakras. As he sucks each chakra, I am amazed to feel any fear in that chakra being instantly sucked out, leaving only a feeling of deep peace in its place.

Once Dan finishes sucking, I feel such a deep, profound sense of peace that I, too, surrender to a beautiful smile surging forth from deep within. I realize that whatever this gas is, it is amazingly powerful and transformative. It somehow allows everyone to see who they really are with absolutely no judgment or fear.

With all judgment and fear gone, everyone can't help but laugh as they realize how silly it has been to play all the games of fear that we have been living our entire lives. Each affected person suddenly knows that they have all along been avoiding some scary unknown deep inside of them, when in actuality, this gas reveals without a doubt that what they have long feared was nothing but a deep, pure love and divine essence. The veils of illusion are instantly dropped, revealing how we have all simply been fooling ourselves to play the silly games we created in our lives.

As I feel this smile and love glow and spread through my entire being, I move into a deep state of awe. Whatever beings sent this gas to us are clearly here to help us and to help humankind to make a huge jump forward in our spiritual evolution. A belly full of hearty laughter erupts from deep within as I realize I am now completely free to do the profound love and healing work which I so love to do in this world.

What an amazing and vivid dream! Upon awakening at 2 AM in my hotel room, I immediately knew that I wanted to write it down, though I waited a good while to savor the profound sense of peace and love which was still coursing through my body. I sent out a prayer that somehow everyone on the planet might in some way experience at least a part of this magical experience. I hope that my sharing it with you here at least gives a taste of this powerful transformation from fear to love. Wishing you love overflowing, Fred Burks