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J’s Regards To Kenneth, His Greetings To Brothers, And His Comments On Forgiveness

Dec.27, 2013


J’s Regards To Kenneth, His Greetings To Brothers, And His Comments On Forgiveness




M-12.1. The answer to this question is--one. 2 One wholly perfect teacher, whose learning is complete, suffices. 3 This one, sanctified and redeemed, becomes the Self Who is the Son of God. 4 He who was always wholly spirit now no longer sees himself as a body, or even as in a body. 5 Therefore he is limitless. 6 And being limitless, his thoughts are joined with God's forever and ever. 7 His perception of himself is based upon God's Judgment, not his own. 8 Thus does he share God’s Will, and bring His Thoughts to still deluded minds. 9 He is forever one, because he is as God created him. 10 He has accepted Christ, and he is saved. (“MANUAL FOR TEACHERS” 12.6.1).


M-12.6. Oneness and sickness cannot coexist. 2 God's teachers choose to look on dreams a while. 3 It is a conscious choice. 4 For they have learned that all choices are made consciously, with full awareness of their consequences. 5 The dream says otherwise, but who would put his faith in dreams once they are recognized for what they are? 6 Awareness of dreaming is the real function of God's teachers. 7 They watch the dream figures come and go, shift and change, suffer and die. 8 Yet they are not deceived by what they see. 9 They recognize that to behold a dream figure as sick and separate is no more real than to regard it as healthy and beautiful. 10 Unity alone is not a thing of dreams. 11 And it is this God's teachers acknowledge as behind the dream, beyond all seeming and yet surely theirs. (“MANUAL FOR TEACHERS” 12.6.6-11).


Dear brothers,


Regarding the death of Kenneth’s body and the related forgiveness and miracles, I am here to accompany you, remind you, and guide you.


Please try your best to listen without isolation, look at the feelings, thoughts and ideas in your mind with complete honest, and guiltlessly transform the illusional gap between you and me into the reason you follow me, the motivation you learn from me, and the willingness you join me.


I understand you may feel sad, regretful, unwilling to let go, and other feelings. Please give them to me and look at them with me in the perspective of miracle. Let us transform them into the call for love, the longing for returning to the immortal life and the complete Self.


Let's view this issue in the perspective of the complete Self, in the perspective of the holy will, grace and goodness, and in the perspective of recognizing and undoing the ego, and with all this, forgive and perform miracles.


Everything is within the complete Self, which means the perfect everlasting life. The illusion that "Kenneth dies" and "everyone dies" can never be true. Now, lay it aside sincerely, and as a complete Son of God, receive immediately the perfect everlasting life that the Father already gave you!


In the world of illusions, as with other brothers, Kenneth accomplished the Will of the Father, devoted most of his life to the publishing, distribution, research and teaching of “A Course In Miracles”... He did all he could to share with more brothers what he knew and experienced about the Course in a way that he was good at. Therefore, I’d like to offer my sincere appreciation and gratitude to him, and thank him for his willingness and extension! All this was beneficial for him, as well as for all brothers and all the world.


So, send him your gratitude with me! Thank him for his assistance and participation in the edit of “A Course In Miracles”, thank him for his participating and hosting to publish the Course in so many languages, thank him for his company with Helen and his care for her, thank him for his help to the one mind and the whole world with his teaching and propagating.


At the same time, the Kenneth in the world of illusions still retained the ego, still had assignments to forgive, which reflected in his insufficient comprehensive understanding and sharing of the Course, his insufficient acknowledgement and thankfulness to Helen, his disregard and estrangement to other miracle teachers, his claim in the copyright lawsuit that the Course was not from me but Helen...


Dear brothers, please follow me, and view Kenneth in a comprehensive, fair and matter-of-fact perspective.


Don't make him special or see him as an idol, which is neither his true intention nor yours. Thank him for his contribution, acknowledge his grace and goodness, at the same time, see him as an equal brother, just as I see you all as equal brothers.


Don't condemn him, or project imperfection and guilt on him. "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. If you have never made a mistake, if you have never disobeyed my guide, you can condemn him." But there is no such person in the world of illusions, every brother is constantly making mistakes and constantly making corrections, constantly learning and practicing the thought system of the Holy Spirit, constantly making forgiveness, and thus goes back home.


There are numerous rules in the world of illusions, one of which is "Don't speak ill of the dead".


But in my eyes, there is no "dead" person, only the Son of God to be remembering his perfect Self, and the process that the Son of God strengthens his holy will is not restricted to the birth and death, disease and change of the body; on the contrary, the time when the body dies is a nice opportunity to remind the Son of God to wake up from the dream of death.


To the ego, it seems to point out its mistakes is “to speak ill”, while to the mind that is willing to follow the Holy Spirit and wake up from the dream, it is the "precious words". The trained mind will be pleased to “learn its mistake”, because whenever the Holy Spirit corrects the mind not to follow the ego, it is another chance for it to choose the Holy Spirit.


Please put mistakes of yours, mistakes of Kenneth, mistakes of all brothers and all the world in my hand, take darkness to light, and let mistakes thus be undone, darkness thus be dissolved.


Please give me and the Holy Spirit the holy willingness that belongs to you, Kenneth, all brothers and the one mind, and let it strengthen and shine.


Please remember what you are, what Kenneth is, what all brothers are, and what the one mind is, which are right now in the arms of the Father, safe in Heaven, perfect and eternal.




This message is one of the series of “Messages from J” , which has been received by Xiao Jie, a Chinese Course teacher. For more information you can visit:

(the English part is deeply under translating).