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Musings of an inquisitive spirit on life and consciousness

The only place we ever exist is at the center of our own consciousness.

The only time we ever exist is right now.

We are all consciousness exploring itself in this ever-expanding sacred moment.

Somehow my consciousness reaches through space to encounter you. Somehow a connection is made and our separate consciousnesses become aware of each other, allowing us to engage in the dance of life. I am able to include you in my consciousness experience, just as you include me, and that makes life richer for both of us. As we open our consciousness ever more to all that is around us, we engage ever more fully with all around us in this process we call life.

Even though I am always here at the center of my own consciousness, I find I am continually expanding my awareness to include ever more of all around me. The more I feel connected with all around me and open to All That Is, the more I and my consciousness grow and blossom. I've seen that the more I am able to embrace all that I perceive and encounter with love and compassion, the more my consciousness expands, and the more rich my experience of life becomes.

We are all exploring this thing called life as we connect with ourselves and with all around us from the center of our own consciousness. Yet many end up feeling quite alone or isolated at times in this journey. They explore deep into the feeling of separation, often only to find it lacking in richness and depth.

Yet there is value in all experiences, including both separation and connection. I suspect that somehow each one of our consciousnesses is like an individuated fragment within the greater mind or consciousness of All That Is. We are each individuated cells in the mind of God. My/our consciousness is somehow an inseparable part of the universal consciousness, even when I/we may feel all alone.

Though all of this resonates strongly for me, I really don't know how it works. How can there be a greater or universal consciousness of which I'm a part, when my only direct experience of life is what I experience in my own consciousness? I know that we are all somehow interconnected on the deeper or more expanded energetic levels, yet only occasionally do I get glimpses of this in my daily life. It is truly a divine mystery which I continue to love exploring.

This thing called existence is strange indeed. Yet I somehow have no doubt that it is all an amazing miracle, too, if only I/we choose to open to it. May all of us be blessed with ever more abundant miracles and the joy of loving interconnectedness.