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Zoetic Workshops

My friend, Liora Hill, began writing down the insights she was gifted with during meditations, dreams, conversations.  These amazing knowings became Zoetic Workshops.

Because these courses gently introduce the practice of meditation with a blend of science and spirituality, participants find themselves open-hearted and transformed after just 2-3 days.  I'm posting about it here because this is the environment for support and appreciation for this kind of work.

Liora does a demonstration in (one of) the courses that shows without a shadow of a doubt how THOUGHT effects our energy: just thinking appreciation gives helpful energy to the person/people being appreciated and, any disempowering thought diminishes the energy of the person/people being thought of as well!

So, know that when you read about amazing people, your emotions can help and hinder.  As you feel grateful, you are helping others in a tangible, if indescribable, way.  (And, as a reminder: when you allow yourself to direct anger, frustration, etc. at someone or some situation you are ABSOLUTELY cause in the matter!)

Thank you, Liora, for trusting the words you were given and for sharing them with the people in your life.  Thank you participants for living the work in this world, this life, this Here, Now.

There is a great opportunity for you to try an exercise from these remarkable courses: if there is something in your life that irritates you (a person's habits, attitude, a situation, certain circumstances, the way some people play with their gum while chewing, talking on cell phones at the dinner table, how greedy people can be, etc.), volunteer to have a Permission Conversation and have that completely transformed for your entire life!

I invite and encourage you all to contact Zoetic Workshops for more information! (I'm happy to lead you through the process)

The course descriptions and opportunities to register can be found at