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Fire the Grid

"That is when I heard a voice, a calm majestic voice, directing me to relax. This voice cooed in my ear, reassuring me that all would be well. I was infused with the knowledge that if I fought the water, my rescuers would not be able to revive me when they arrived. The voice said that if I fought the water I would drown. No shit I thought, I get a wise ass ghost on my deathbed. The voice continued to give me instructions about what was to happen, and that all would be well if I just followed the instructions. I relinquished myself to this voice from beyond, and passed quietly into the other side. "
  -- Shelley Yates story from the Fire the Grid website at

Dear friends,

I have a very special invitation for you. I've been following the "Fire the Grid" movement for some time and have been increasingly impressed and inspired. Shelley Yates, founder of the compelling Fire the Grid website at, had loving beings from beyond begin to talk directly to her for the first time during an amazing near-death experience in 2002 when the car she was driving with her son in it hurtled off the road and landed upside down in a lake.

Being formerly an atheist and a welfare mom on Prozac who pretty much hated her life, Shelley was at first a reluctant proponent of the movement to fire the energy grid of our beloved planet, which her new guides talked about after her miraculous experience and the even more amazing recovery of her son. She was quite grateful to the loving beings for saving her life and, even more importantly, that of her son, but she was initially not at all excited about starting a movement to help transform our planet into a more loving place.

Eventually, however, Shelley went through powerful transformations and saw the real power and possibility of this now rapidly growing movement. She and many others are now full-heartedly calling all of us to join our energies on this coming Tuesday, July 17th at 11:11 AM (Greenwich Mean Time) for one hour of focused attention on bringing love, joy, and passion into our lives and world. To learn more about this and how to join in, go the Fire the Grid website at the link above and read Shelley's most amazing near-death experience and all that has happened since to transform her life from one of nearly constant depression to one filled with joy and love.

Then consider inviting your friends to join in with Shelley, me, and hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of others around the planet in this exciting endeavor. Well over 10,000 people are visiting the Fire the Grid website every day, so I have no doubt that this inspiring movement is going to have a significant impact. Let's rock the world with our love! Thanks so much for caring, and you have a most beautiful day and week ahead!

With abundant love and joy ready to fire the grid,
Fred Burks for the inspiring and educational PEERS websites
July 11,2007

P.S. To watch some engaging videos of Shelley Yates speaking passionately about her incredible near-death experience and this inspiring global movement, visit: And for the most inspiring near-death experience I've ever read, click here.

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Fire the Grid

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