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Circles of Love
Inviting More Love into the World

Circles of Love Vision

We gather in Circles of Love to strengthen our connection with ourselves, with each other, and with all around us through giving and receiving heartfelt love. We know that virtually anything is possible when we work together, and that every one of us makes a difference. We embrace diversity as a source of growth and inspiration. We also see beyond our differences to connect with that place in all hearts that wants only to love and be loved. In freely sharing our sacred love, these Circles of Love support a global shift towards a celebration of all life through love.

Moment of Love

  • Every person in the world has a heart.
  • Every heart has a place within that wants only to love and be loved.
  • Let us connect with that place of love in our own heart
    and in the hearts of all around us.
  • Let us take a moment now to open to the heart connection
    we share with all people through love.

Forming Circles of Love

Circles of Love are intended to inspire each one of us to be all that we can be in every moment of our lives. Join us in imagining Circles of Love sprouting around the globe, ever growing in number. Imagine these circles linking us all together through our deep-held desire to connect more deeply with the hearts of all people, and to inspire each other through sacred love. Circles of Love are a reflection of the infinite divine love which reaches out to all people and to all creatures on Earth and throughout the universe.

There are two basic ways to start Circles of Love. First, any pre-existing group can become a Circle of Love simply by choosing to share in a Moment of Love at the beginning (and possibly ending) of their gathering. In doing this, the group is choosing to infuse their entire gathering with the intention to share more deeply in love and connection. You can also use the Web of Love breathing exercise in place of or together with the Moment of Love meditation with your group.

The second way to start a Circle of Love is to form a new group. Invite some friends together on a regular basis with the specific intention of spending time exploring ways to inspire each other and to invite more love and joy into our lives and into our world. These gatherings start and end with a Moment of Love and/or breathing sacred love together. The time in between is spent exploring the many ways we can support each other to live our lives filled with ever more love, joy, and purpose, and to move through whatever blocks we have to being all that we can be.

This website has an abundance of resources to support Circles of Love. Many inspiring ideas for developing circles are provided at Circle of Love Ideas. Our Inspiring Resources and Links pages list other ideas, resources, and groups focused on similar intentions. We have no doubt that by coming together with the intention of sharing heartfelt love and supporting each other in being all that we can be, every one of us can and will make a difference. Thanks for your interest in Circles of Love, and for joining us in bringing ever more love, joy, and purpose into our lives and world.

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