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Love Ideas and Exercises
A Collection of Ideas and Exercises from the Web of Love

Love Ideas. Below are a number of advanced Web of Love ideas and exercises which are designed to deepen our connections with ourselves, with each other, and with the Web of Love. For those who haven't seen the basic Web of Love ideas and exercises.

Kiss the Heart. This is a variation on the basic exercise of breathing sacred love from our home page. Follow the same format of taking full, deep breaths in silence. Now on each inhale, silently say and open to the image, "You kiss my heart." And on the exhale, "I kiss your heart."

For those who are ready for it, this one really gets the love flowing. Again, the "you" here can be special individuals in your life, groups, or all people in the world. Imagine yourself kissing the collective heart of our world and then feeling that collective love kiss your heart. You can do this and all of these breathing exercises either alone, with friends, or in groups.

The most profound transformation comes when we are able do these exercises imagining and including even those with whom we have issues. When we open to experiencing sacred love in the depths of our being with all people, our lives cannot help but become much richer and deeper.

Important Note. In opening to loving connection with all people, some have experienced difficulty when a person with very strong negative energy came into their thoughts. One woman had Hitler come into her thoughts and was quite shaken and frightened. If something like this occurs for you, there is no need to focus on someone to whom you are clearly not yet ready to open.

It may be best to consciously tell this person's energy to leave your thoughts, so that you can again feel your connection with the Web of Love surrounding the planet. One day, if you hold the intention deeply, you will be able to feel love for the divine essence that is at the core of literally everyone, but for now there is no need to push yourself beyond where you are comfortable.

Ideas for Focusing the Connection. If you frequently breathe the Web of Love, you may eventually find that your mind wanders at times. Or you may find that you are saying the words, but not really feeling your connection with the web as you breathe.

If this happens, consider before starting finding a way to disengage your mind and open your heart. You might do this by taking a moment to imagine a special love you feel in your life or remembering a loving experience from your past. You can start any of these exercises by breathing love with that special someone or experience. Another great way to get focused is to use the charging breath described below. By taking the time to ensure that we open our hearts before starting, we allow the powerful energies of love to flow more freely into and out of us as we breathe the web.

The Charging Breath.  This is a short, powerful way to open and focus attention before breathing the web. Take deep, rapid breaths for 15 seconds or more (we recommend not doing this for more than 60 seconds unless you are experienced with breathwork). Then take one last deep breath and hold it until your body tells you that you need another breath.

Once you hold your breath, you will likely experience a deepening or opening sensation which will help you to connect more fully with the Web of Love. When you release that breath, continue with slow, very deep breathing while thinking and feeling "your sacred love flows into me, my sacred love flows out to you," and opening to the wondrous flow of sacred connection you feel with all.

Here are a few useful notes on the charging breath: Deep is much more important than rapid on these breaths, though deep and rapid will give you the most profound experience. If you start feeling dizzy during the deep breathing, you've gone long enough. Stop, take a deep inhale and hold for as long as is comfortable. Some people will feel dizzy when they hold their breath. This is normal and usually helps to open to deeper connection. We recommend caution when doing the charging breath longer than one minute as it can lead to cramping and intense dizziness.

Any time in the day when you are feeling off balance, under stress, or even just under the weather, the charging breath can be a quick and easy way to gain energy and feel more connected with life. It is especially effective when you follow it by breathing the Web of Love.

Breathing the Web With a Group. You can do any or all of these exercises in a group as a way of building community. You might have everyone in the group start off doing it on their own with their eyes closed. Then, pair up and do the partner exercises mentioned on the home page, allowing people to choose whether they want to keep their eyes open or closed.

Start off by choosing partners with whom you already share a good connection. Eventually, encourage everyone to choose a partner they feel less comfortable with. Remember that the deepest transformation occurs when we can open to sharing sacred love even with those we may not like or with whom we have issues.

A great way to end a group exercise is by having everyone sit or stand in a circle and use the loving energy the group has collectively generated to breathe the worldwide Web of Love in and out together. You might even consider doing a charging breath together to get the energy rolling. Invite everyone to feel the miracle of how our combined love powerfully serves to build community and to transform both ourselves and the world around us.

The Power of Intention. As you explore these love ideas and exercises, we invite you to do so while holding several empowering intentions in your heart. First, choose to infuse everything you do with the intention of doing what's best for all involved. Second, open to and consciously ask for spiritual guidance at all times. And finally, make a commitment to love and empowerment both for yourself and for all around you. For more inspiring ideas and suggestions on these principles, see Simple Keys to a Fuller Life. And thank you for helping to strengthen the Web of Love in our world!

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