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A Psychosynthesis Perspective on ACIM

Psychosynthesis Forum has released a new e-course,
"A Psychosynthesis Perspective on A Course in Miracles".

A PS Perspective on ACIM has been developed for you who are an "ACIM student", and who is also interested in Cognitive Psychosynthesis and other similar modern psychological methods for positive inner change, as affirmation, visualizations, and mental training.

In addition to four sections introducing the view of reality presented in ACIM, A PS Perspective on ACIM also presents all 365 ACIM lessons in text and streaming audio, and after many of the lessons I have commented the lesson from a psychological perspective. There are also many exercises from Cognitive Psychosynthesis, that can enhance and deepen the inner change ACIM strives to accomplish.

In my work as a Psychosynthesis Therapist I often use material from old spiritual traditions and sources, as this has always been a part of the history of Psychosynthesis. I have therefore added material of this kind in many of my comments and clarifications.

Lars Gimstedt

Your feed-back will further develop this course!

fredburks's picture

Thanks for that beautiful message and the great work you are doing, Lars.