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Hello, New here... Anybody home?

Hi anybody

A friend bumped me to Fred's stuff because it's so parallel to what we're doing with Circles of Intention in Austin.  Our meetings were birthed 12 years ago from purposes and formats outlined in "Handbook for the New Paradigm".  Much of the purpose and language on this site are nearly identical.  An important part of our project is the subtle and invisible link that binds and coordinates all of "the ground crew" groups whatever our diverse formats may be.

An important phase of the project is the development and release to the world of our various group's statements of purpose, all combined into the perfected all representative "STATEMENT OF PURPOSE" representing all groups as a collective.  Our group is currently working on ours, a difficult distillation, and we look forward to merging with yours.

I'll be posting more on this.

I am very happy to find this site.  It is such a well developed and delightfully similar work as ours.

To the winning......   Be love today!

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Hi Allen,

How great that you found us and you are doing such similar work! Thanks for your message here. I'd love to hear more about the statement of purpose you are developing. When we all unite behind a common purpose and intentions, I have no doubt we can create even more positive change in our world. Thanks for caring.

With sacred love and warm wishes,

It's so much fun that 38 minutes ago you so warmly responded to me. 

38 minutes ago, Leah, Wa, Bee and I, cream of the crop they are, were talking warmly about YOU.  Leah will be contacting you with a request to join her on "Unzipping Reality" AGAIN.  It's been a long time.

We're synchronized.  Ya just gotta love it.

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Sounds good, Allen. Thanks!