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The Angel Song



                  By Buryl Payne

  The angels are coming,

Riding happily on beams of light,

 From God’s clouds, they come to play,

 to show us the light and lead the way.

 Floating down all day and night,

 Each one a miracle right before our sight,

 Eyes sparkling with love and delight.

 Little babies they are

 Black or brown, red or white,

 The race is won, we are all one,

 All brothers and sisters in God’s light,

 Angels sent from god to remind us,

 Earth life is merely child’s play,

 We are angels all,

 Come to share our hearts love,

 With a melody that can be sung,

 Known to all in every tongue,

 Look into the eyes of another,

 see the angel shining thru,

 waiting to be known by you,

 Eager to come out and play,

 to love and laugh and be free,

 And so it goes for you and me.

 Look in the eyes to find what is,

 it’s not in words that you or they can say,

 The angels are you and the angel’s me!

 Angels every where,

 All coming here for the big jump,

 When every angel will wake right up,

 Oh won’t it be fun!

 (Repeat first verse)




fredburks's picture

Thanks for being an angel in sharing this, Buryl!