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Make your dreams come true!

“Make your dreams come true”

One poignant question posed by a stranger changed Melanie’s troubled

life: ‘Where will you be in five years?’ That single question drove

her to make a future for herself and made her realize that education

was her only way to pursue her dreams.


Melanie Burnett or How to Make Changes in Life that MatterShe was born in Suriname a former colony of the Netherlands in South America. Abandoned by her father

she grew up, alone with her mother but largely had to take care of herself and basically living 

in the streets. 

But, with a dream of one day becoming an air hostess with KLM Royal Dutch airlines and lead the glamorous life she knew from the media, getting to know strange shores and far away cultures.

Some 13 years ago she left for Holland and continued living a street life until a relative stranger asked

her how she envisioned her near future.

She got angry and pissed off at the stranger but started to ask herself some hard questions giving herself even harder answers. 

It resulted in her picking up her dream and started to go back to school. Which was not easy at the age of 23.

She finished High School and graduated and went on to college.   

Now she is a proud member of the KLM.




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Thanks for that inspiring video!

Thank you im verry happy to shair my, story you never know i can help just like others helped me.