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No Regrets?

I really enjoy morning coffee. My amazing woman and I seem to find a way most mornings to relax long enough and live in the moment with each other drinking a cup or two of the warm brew. We talk about our plans for the day, our dreams that may have been throughout the night, what our future holds together, the BIG PENDING EARTHQUAKE for our Pacific region….. well you get the point. The best conversations, I think, are of our pasts and reflection on how far we’ve come together. It makes me wonder about the phrase “No Regrets”. Who really believes in that? I have came across so many people who use that line of words with such frequency yet seem to have so much pending heavy heartache in their daily lives. They constantly complain something isn’t right with their life, some friend wronged them, they can’t get ahead in life, problems, problems, problems! I happen to live with REGRET ALL THE TIME. My past actions in life were quite frankly were horrid. As the man I’ve become today I regret the shell of the person I was 10yrs ago. Without regret for my actions and bad decisions of the past I couldn’t have found the reason and strength to change for a better me today. I admit to using that phrase a bit in the past but now I am happy to say I REGRET IT. I think the proper way to put those used up words in prospective is “Try daily to make good choices and lifestyle changes so at the end of the day you can say I had NO REGRETS for that day and hope tomorrow goes just as good”. We are just humans and we stumble all the time. As much as I like to tell my lady that I’m perfect in every way, I know that I’m only a portion of the man she deserves and trust me she lets me know just how perfect I am haha.

All I can do is learn from the mistakes of my past and work on my life daily to improve. I now can say the good days without regret are plentiful and the regretful days still come and go but are becoming fewer all the time. I’m doing the best I can with what I have and will continue to do so. Don’t be discouraged by the bad times in your life but learn from them and let it mold you into a better person for you, your family and your friends. If you are still alive, breathing and can cognitively think for yourself then you still have time time Make-A-Change for YOU and make your life better daily.

To end this splattering of words. While typing these thoughts it made me think of a song my father would always walk around singing. “Mac Davis - It's Hard To Be Humble” Look it up and enjoy. Have a wonderful day.


fredburks's picture

Thanks for your beautiful words and thoughts. I particularly liked this: "I'm doing the best I can with what I have." I am committed to do my best to be in service both to myself and to all of us. And I want to remind myself and all I can that in our core we are beautiful, magnificent beings. May we all step ever more fully into that magnificence. Thanks again for the inspiration.