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Remote Viewing aka Astral Projection

Learn about remote viewing (similar to astral projection), a most fascinating secret government program in which individuals were trained to be able to view in a meditative state remote locations anywhere in the world - and even outside of this world. Read the fascinating essay on this at the link below:

Dr. Courtney Brown with the Farsight Institute was the subject of a widely controversial remote viewing experiment that predicted massive climate and societal change in 2013.  You can follow his work here:

There are a number of great thinkers that believe that as we continue to grow and expand or consciousness/vibration levels we are moving into higher forms of timelines associated with our lives.  It is like we are an engine that has jumped to the train track next to us, no longer following the same direction we were headed to before.

In Dr. Brown's case, I wonder if collectively we "jumped the track" and avoided much of the chaos his remote viewing sessions were speculating would happen by now.  I ask myself how reliable this science is...not from the aspect of whether the events they are able to see come true or not, but whether I or we will be on that timeline when they actually occur.

Your thoughts?

fredburks's picture

I've heard good things about Courtney Brown. And I would never count on what any remoter viewer predicts for the future. There are just too many variables. Remote viewing or astral projection is an amazing phenomenon, yet I don't see it as a science that can ever be thought to be 100% reliable. Yet I love exploring this stuff.