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Uplifting/inspirational story of my best friend, a young aspiring writer recently diagnosed with cancer

Hi there.  My best friend was diagnosed with cancer four weeks ago. It's a very aggressive form of Lymphoma, but they caught it early and started chemo right away and so far he has been responding surprisingly well.

I wanted to share with you this post which I created on imgur, as an introduction to Joey's story.  If you read to the end there is also a link to his blog, where he has been writing about the experience of finding out he had cancer, the reasons why he's not afraid, and the life lessons that have led him to his current state of ultimate positivity, productivity and happiness with his situation.

Joey has always wanted to be a writer, but lacked the inspiration and confidence to really go after his dream.  Since his diagnosis, he has found both.  He is now living with his parents, having chemotherapy treatments and writing almost every day.  His words are moving, inspirational and thought-provoking, and I highly encourage you to read and share them.  Not many young people could face a cancer diagnosis with not only bravery but optimism and even humor, but Joey says he is happier now than he has ever been, despite the cancer.  He has found his life's purpose, and whether he lives for five years or fifty, he thinks he will live a life worth living.

Please check out my post on imgur,, and then follow the link to his blog at the bottom ( to hear his own account of his ongoing journeys.  Because as he puts it, "cancer is no reason to stop laughing at funny things."  Thank you for taking the time to read this message, and good luck to all of you out there.

~Taking Courage from my Best Friend's Cancer Battle

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Thanks so much for sharing that beautiful and inspiring story of your friend Joey!

I just wanted to update and let you know that Joey's PET scan results came in today and the chemo is working!! The tumor in his chest has already shrunk significantly after two full treatment cycles, and the lymph node growths are gone. He's in the midst of chemo treatment #3 right now, but we are all happy and relieved at this good news and I just thought I'd share a smile 

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Yea! Go Joey!!!

Much love to Joey and all who are close to him,

Youre friend joey is really inspiring and brilliant and this is a great blog. Thanks for sharing this and I would also love to read joey's writings soon, if time would let me :)

The latest update is that Joey is now DONE with chemo, and the latest scan shows his tumors are all gone!!!  He still has to do three weeks of radiation treatments to make sure they get every cancer cell to keep it from being able to come back, but there is a definite light at the end of this tunnel   In other news, Joey's new Author page has launched on Facebook.  He will be posting every day and keeping track of blog posts, other writing activities, and public speaking opportunities.  If you could, please go check it out and give it a "like" so he can get some more publicity.  Thanks!

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Yea!!! That is most awesome! Go Joey!!! And thanks for letting us know. Much love to you and Joey!