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Vibrational Levels

I am curious to hear from this community on the idea that the more we are able to raise the vibrational level of our 3D material form, the more we are able to raise the field of consciousness and awareness that we can experience in the world around us.

Like an antenna, we begin to pick up frequencies previously unknown to us the greater our capacity or signal receptor can pick them up.  Some quantum scientists specualte that our DNA is like an antenna/receptor that unlocks more and more traits to us as we raise our vibration levels.  These outer realms/dimensions/consciousness's exist all around us now, it is just our capacity to pick them up as a signal that keeps them illusionarily separated from us.

Love- offering potentially the highest vibration potential, followed by compassion, mercy, forgiveness, understanding and gratitude.  You could add a number of other as well.

So, does personal growth then mean simply to raise our own vibrational levels to highest possible?  Thus, opening additional layers of consciousness and opportunities of experience unavailable before.

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Great thoughts, Jameson! I suspect that raising our vibrational levels is a key to opening to our awareness to more expanded dimensions and a greater feeling of interconnectedness. Yet for me, the question is how do we raise our vibrational levels.

I find that what may be most important in this is for me to explore inside of myself and find the blocks to love that keep me from expanding. When I identify these blocks, I can then choose to consciously work on them, so that I can open to ever greater flows of love and connection in my life. Your thoughts? And thanks for the stimulating conversation.

I like that, "find the blocks to love that keep me from expanding." Like you, I am also continually opening myself to greater flows of love and connection in my life.  I am more aware than ever that every thought, every word, every action carries a vibration of energy to it and that I must accept responsibility or be accountable for that which I create.  As I feel the vibration level that is me rises, or expands at a higher rate, the things that are attracted to me magnetically- people, events, synchronicities, wisdom...opens wider to greater forms of love and connection.

There are a number of channels now discussing the activation of much of what was considered "junk DNA."  That individually, and cooperatively, as our consciousness and light quotient expands, we are turning on new aspects of ourselves.  They talk about incoming sources of energy in assisting with this process.  I find it all extremely is like a living book that I can't to see what happens next in the chapter ahead.

I am a bit late with my comment, but would like to add it anyway. I agree with you that words carry a vibration and we need to be very aware of it. However, just looking at the words alone has not helped me that much to make the inner changes that are required. However, when a person pushes my buttons and I look at it as a mirror, then I have something to work with. Then I know there is a part of me I don't want to look at and it is sometimes very, very hidden. A hidden fact that puts a block around my heart, worthwhile to be removed.  Sometimes it is hard work because of the resistance of looking so much deeper, but it's worth it.


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Yes, Nicoletta. I've found it very helpful any time I'm in a challenging situation with someone to notice my judgments and put out a mirror. I am almost always humbled and grow from the experience.