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Readers Forum
PEERS New Readers Forum For Sharing Inspiration

Dear friends,

We've just finished creating a beautiful new readers forum for caring subscribers to our inspiration and education email list and for the many readers of the PEERS websites. This is a special place for you to post your favorite inspiring stories, poems, quotes, and more. You can also connect with others there who are committed to transforming our world though love and read the inspiring pieces they have shared. The readers forum is now available at this link.

Though anyone can read the inspiring material posted in this forum, only those who have created an account will be able to post and comment. To join in the conversation and connect with other fascinating PEERS readers and supporters, simply click on the "Create new account" link in the left column on any page of the forum. A "Readers Forum" link has also been added near the top of the left column on all webpages of the Web of Love and other PEERS websites.

As this readers forum is brand new, you won't find many comments there now. We're depending on all of you to help make this a rich and active place to share thoughts, inspirations, and lots more. We can use this new online forum as a way of joining forces through cyberspace around the world in our effort to to inspire each other to be all that we can be and make a big difference in spreading love and joy in our world. Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to seeing you there.

PEERS Readers Forum

With heartfelt love and excitement,
Fred Burks for the inspiring and educational PEERS websites

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