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Soul Whispering

Hey awesome friends,

Soul Whispering

Many of you have heard of horse whisperers or animal whispers. If you haven’t (or even if you have) check out this amazing documentary on Anna Breytenbach. Anna has the incredible ability to tame wild animals simply by whispering to their souls. Many people’s lives have been changed by watching this profound video.

I first learned about soul whispering when I took a class at the Berkeley Psychic Institute back in the late 1980s. The instructor taught us the “psychic hello.” It involved simply calling into mind a person, then clearly and with intention sending them an energetic “Hello,” and finally opening to any response.

I was game. So in the class, I called my dad into my mind. I focused my intention and sent him an energetic “hello.” To my great surprise, the message was blocked! Yet strangely I instantly could see that the message was blocked because I was harboring a mild resentment toward my dad that I hadn’t cleared. Wow!!!

So I took the opportunity right there in class to look at and then clear the resentment I was feeling. I was then easily able to send the hello and thrilled to feel a warm response back. I even felt him sending energetic gratitude for clearing my resentment. How cool is that!

I was not and am not now psychic, but this little exercise convinced me that there really is something to this. I began to practice sending psychic hellos to a lot of people. Sometimes the response was weak, yet other times it was very clear and even included valuable messages. A few times when the person was in sight, they even turned and looked at me after I sent the hello. I was hooked. And it was fun!

Since then, I’ve refined this skill and developed it into what I call “soul whispering.” It has been incredibly helpful in my life. Soul whispering involves simply imagining the person I want to connect with. Then I open myself to feeling my personal connection with them. Once that is established, I form a clear message in my mind, send it, and then open to a response. Again, many times now I’ve had wonderful independent confirmation that this really works, sometimes in very magical ways.

One of the most dramatic examples of this happened in early 2004 when the U.S. State Department sent a former FBI agent to investigate me because of a trip to Cuba that I had taken in late 1999. My job as a language interpreter was at stake.

As soon as I received the call from this man informing me that he would come to my home in a week to personally interrogate me, I started soul whispering to this man I’d never met. I felt a wonderful connection with him that I strengthened through the week. When he came a week later and walked through the door, it was like we were instant friends. He came to investigate me, yet amazingly ended up strongly supporting my case and even telling me valuable secrets about the FBI. You can read an essay I wrote about this on this webpage.

Other times, I’ve found myself trying to explain something to a girlfriend or someone else who has been triggered by me, and the message clearly is not getting through. What I do when that happens is I take a breath, open deeply to soul connection, and then send the message to their soul without words, sometimes when they are right there talking to me. Many times this has been incredibly helpful in resolving challenging situations. It bypasses verbal communication and the mind with all its stories and goes directly to the heart and soul. It’s like magic!

As this has been such a valuable tool in my life, I enjoy sharing it with any who are open and interested. The basics of this technique are quite simple. First, you quiet yourself as much as you can, then feel your soul connection with the person in mind. Clearly formulate your message energetically and then send it off. A key to this is once you send it off, open yourself to any message that might come to you in response. You might even find yourself engaging in an energetic discussion.

This is the magic of soul whispering. I invite you to play with it. Even if you are skeptical, try it out and see what happens. If it doesn’t work, do it again with a few others and see how much you can open to it working. I’ve found that the more I believe it works, the more effective it is. And if you want help convincing you that this really is possible, watch the video of Anna Brytenback I mentioned above. Soul whispering just might change your life for the better. It most certainly has mine.

With heartfelt love and warm wishes,
Fred Burks for the inspiring and educational PEERS websites

Note: You can use this same technique to develop or enhance communication with your spirit guides or guardian angels and with God, the divine, or whatever you call that greater power.

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