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Susan Boyle
An Extraordinary Ordinary Woman

Dear friends,

If you haven't heard about Susan Boyle yet, I invite you to read about this latest, very unusual Internet sensation. Susan would be the first to admit that she's a pretty ordinary woman, yet at the same time she is not. In a seven-minute video clip that brought tears of joy and gratitude to my life, Susan Boyle shines her soul in a way that is just unforgettable. You can find the video and an article I wrote on about her at the link below:

Many of us have felt for a long time that the old media is fading and a new, citizen-based media is gradually replacing it. Alternative news websites are growing in popularity as newspapers worldwide are losing readership, with some even closing. One of the most exciting developments is citizen-based reporting on certain online news websites like On these informative sites, caring citizens report the news directly without the censorship of major media editors and corporate ownership. Citizen-based reporting has already had a powerful influence for a number of years all over the world.

One of the first citizen-based news services, OhmyNews in South Korea, played a decisive role in the 2002 loss of the two establishment presidential candidates, and the victory of political outsider Roh Moo Hyun, who went on to serve as president of South Korea until 2008. As shown in its slogan, "Every Citizen is a Reporter," OhmyNews is a powerful example of what online citizen journalism can do. After being elected, Roh granted his first media interview to OhmyNews. You can read about this in an excellent New York Times article available here.

OhmyNews and are excellent examples of what I believe will become the new media, replacing the old and outmoded major media which has sadly failed to inform the public of some of the deepest, most important stories affecting our lives and world. This new media can empower caring citizens to report important news like that reported on PEERS websites which is sometimes censored by the major media.

Thanks to powerful new technologies like the Internet and citizen-based reporting, and thanks to caring individuals who are willing to do what it takes to make a difference, the world is rapidly transforming around us. It's not always pretty, but the old hierarchical structures are breaking and crumbling as we the people build a new world which better supports all of us from the bottom up. It's a wonderful and exciting time to be alive. Thanks for playing your part, and you have a great day and month ahead.

With heartfelt love and best wishes,
Fred Burks for the inspiring and educational PEERS websites

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