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Inspire Profound Transformation

Dear friends,

There is no doubt that the four PEERS online courses below have inspired profound transformation. Of the 160 people who have completed one of the courses, over half have found their lives significantly transformed, and almost all have given deep appreciation and glowing reviews. Two participants even said that the course they took may have saved their lives.

One of those two reversed a downward spiral where she was rapidly losing all of her friends and her former peaceful life. In a beautiful letter of gratitude, she wrote, "I think you literally saved my life." The other was a relatively young man who lost both his wife and job as a result of a strange neurological disorder. After reading the course lesson on health, he cut aspartame out of his diet and before long was able to return to a normal, healthy life. Here's what he later wrote:

I just wanted to let you know that I am so grateful to have found this course. What a HUGE gift it has been for me! I am healing in ways I had no hope of healing. ~ Brian

These dynamic courses bring together some of the most heart and mind expanding materials on the Internet to inspire your personal growth and expand your awareness of all that is happening in our world. Transformational videos, essays, quotes, exercises, and more fill the rich course lessons.

The journey through these free, online courses will support you in feeling more connected with yourself and all around you, and to more fully experience life in all its richness. Take a look below to see if a journey through one of these inspiring courses might enrich and possibly even transform your life. Most everyone who has been there will tell you it is time very well spent.

With abundant love and joy,
Fred Burks for the inspiring and educational PEERS websites

P.S. To read the comments of a number of people who have completed the course, click here. And if you have time for only one lesson, click here for the one most highly praised.

Working my way through this material is changing me. I feel more contentment than I have ever felt before, even while becoming more aware of the distress of our world at this time. The course has given me hope that there is still time for me to contribute to Love's work within our world and universe. It feels like returning home and finding that I am not all alone.  ~  JoyAnna

The Inspiration Course
Opening to Love and Inspiring Deeper Connections

For those who choose to focus largely on love and inspiration, every page of the heart-expanding Inspiration Course will touch, move and inspire you to open to ever more love and deeper connections in your life. With all of the violence and sensationalism being spread through the media today, this course is like a fresh mountain breeze, or like drinking water from a pure mountain lake – so rich and fulfilling! You will be uplifted and transformed by seeing humanity at its very best.

While the other courses described below include materials on the challenging aspects of our lives and world sometimes referred to as the shadow, the Inspiration Course focuses almost exclusively on the lighter side. In these lessons you will find some of the most loving, inspiring essays, videos, quotes, and empowering exercises available on the Internet. If you are ready to be deeply moved and inspired, click the link below.

The Inspiration Course

The Hidden Knowledge Course
Shining Light on the Shadow Aspects of Our World

The Hidden Knowledge Course was designed for those who want to dive into the deep cover-ups and hidden manipulations going on behind the scenes in our world. This information-packed course inspires readers to make a difference, yet unlike the other courses here, the focus is largely on exploring and exposing all that is hidden and secret in our world.

This eye-opening course is careful to present only reliable material which can be verified using links provided to respected sources. Those who complete the course will have a broad understanding of the role of the power elite and how their plans sometimes adversely impact life for the majority of people in our world. Note that the two courses below both include and interweave all material from the Inspiration Course and the Hidden Knowledge Course, though from differing viewpoints.

The Hidden Knowledge Course

The Insight Course
Be the Change You Want To See in the World

Are you ready to be the change you want to see in your life and in our world? If the answer is yes, the Insight Course was designed for you. This free, online course brings together the best of the Internet to both inspire and educate you in a dynamic and powerful way. The journey through the course will enhance your awareness and provide tools enabling you build a better life and world.

The highly engaging Insight Course includes all materials in both the Inspiration Course and Hidden Knowledge Course, masterfully interweaving the light, inspiring aspects of life with empowering information and exercises which invite us to look at the challenging sides of ourselves and our world. Course lessons will deepen your insight, expand your horizons, and embolden you to be the change you want to see in the world. To begin this rich and exciting journey, click below.

The Insight Course

The Transformation Course
Building Bridges to Expanded Consciousness

Have you ever felt that one of the main reasons you are here is to help transform our planet to a new way of living based on love and empowerment? Do you recognize that there is a divine essence in every person, and that as beautiful manifestations of the divine, all people deserve our love and support to be the best they can be? If so, the transformation course may be the choice for you.

This profound course, like the Insight Course, includes all materials in both the Inspiration Course and Hidden Knowledge Course. It masterfully interweaves the light and inspiring aspects of life with the more challenging shadow sides of ourselves and our world. Yet unlike the Insight Course, the Transformation Course packages all of this rich material in a deep spiritual context. To begin this highly enlightening journey, click the link below.

The Transformation Course

This course is beyond price! It helped me realize that it is actually okay (and safe) to love everyone. That was a really powerful insight for me. Thank you.  ~  Ursula

To view a list of lesson titles for each course with links, click here.

Again, if you have time for only one lesson, click here for the one most highly praised. And thanks for taking the time to read about these dynamic personal growth courses. Whether or not you decide to explore further, we wish you a rich and empowering journey through life filled with ever more meaning and personal growth.

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