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Join in Sending Love to the President


Sept. 21, 2003

Dear friends,


My life has been incredibly blessed in many ways. One of the many miracles that has happened is that about once a year I am asked to interpret for the president. This Tuesday (Sep 23) at 3:30 - 4:00 PM Eastern Time in the US (12:30 - 1:00PM Pacific time), I'll be sitting in a room with President Bush and President Megawati of Indonesia helping them to communicate with each other by interpreting. Several other top government leaders from the US and Indonesia will be present.


What I like to do in these meetings whenever I'm not interpreting is to channel divine love to everyone present. I know that this is the reason this work has been given to me. It's wonderful to channel love on my own, yet it's much more powerful when I have friends supporting me. I'd like to invite you at the time mentioned above to join me in sending out divine love to all present at this meeting. I will be energetically inviting Bush, Megawati, and everyone present to open to the love and divinity that they/we already are, but have forgotten in some ways. Everyone of you who chooses to join in sending this intention Tuesday strengthens this energetic invitation exponentially. I'd love to have you join me in this special opportunity to transform the world through bombarding our leaders with love ;o)


Just so you know, in these meetings I rarely have any personal communication with those involved other than the pleasantries of hello, thank you, etc. Even so, I know that the energetic presence I/we bring has a significant impact. For anyone who is interested in all of the little miracles that brought me to interpret for presidents, I've written a one-page essay on that inspiring story which you can find at Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the very first issue for the story "Little Miracles Lead Me to Interpret for the President." It's the second story in that issue.


If for whatever reason you can't send energy at the appointed time, I invite you to take a moment right now and send energy to Bush and all world leaders that they and we might focus on what's best for all on this planet, and that they/we invite in more love and harmony around the globe. Thanks for joining me in this. And thanks for all that you are doing to create a better world and for being the amazing divine being that you are!


With lots of love and very best wishes,



PS Even if you get this message after the meeting, you can send the invitation for love back in time to join us in that special moment. Thanks for caring!

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